Small sterling silver earring studs , playing cards suit, the silver is solid 925.

Tiny and special silver earring posts with playing cards suits- diamonds, clubs, hearts, spades. 
For poker players and playing cards lovers.

Each earring was handmade by myself from silver and was oxidized for completed look.
No matter where you go, it's important that you feel inside.

You can always "wear" your mood or tell a story through jewelry that is on you.

The jewelry has not only an aesthetic role, but also shows to your surroundings your feelings and views.

Therefore, we have developed a collection of interesting earrings that can "speak".

We call them "spot of mood".

🎁 It is always a special and a meaningful gift for someone you love and understand.

💝 This listing is for pair of studs with playing cards suit. 
Four playing cards suit- diamonds, clubs, hearts, spades. Suitable as a gift for cards players, poker lovers, everyone who loves playing cards.
It can be a lucky symbol for a good play.

🌼 Type of earrings: studs, posts.

🌼 The shape is: square.

🌼 Measurement: 7mmX7mm.

🌼 The studs are made from solid sterling silver 925 (NOT silver plated).

🌼 The studs are oxidized and polished.

❣If you would like to purchase one stud or two different studs, please contact us by message here.
❣If you have an idea for custom studs for you then you can also contact us anytime.

Playing cards suit earrings, poker earrings

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